The Simplicity Institute is a non-profit education and research centre dedicated to advancing the Simplicity Movement. Directing our critique toward consumerist and growth-obsessed economies, our defining objective is to show that lifestyles of reduced and restrained consumption are a necessary and desirable part of any transition to a just, sustainable, and flourishing human community. We aim to promote this vision of the good life and help build a new society based on material sufficiency.

The Simplicity Institute was founded by Dr. Samuel Alexander and Dr. Simon Ussher, who currently direct the Institute.

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“The Simplicity Institute is a perfect complement to Samuel Alexander’s wonderful book, VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY: THE POETIC ALTERNATIVE TO CONSUMER CULTURE.  We need more research centers of this type to help us find effective ways to escape the high-consumption lifestyle and create happier, healthier and more sustainable cultures.  In a complex world, it’s not that simple to live simply, and this Institute will help provide some of the important information we need to live better on less.”

–John de Graaf, co-author, AFFLUENZA: THE ALL-CONSUMING EPIDEMIC and Executive Director of Take Back Your Time.

As the world enters into another long consumer boom, the Simplicity Institute is a beacon of hope. Its research into ‘post-consumerist’ lifestyles will help to provide the empirical foundation we need to transcend today’s culture and politics of ‘excess’. The Simplicity Institute recognizes the fundamental importance of consumption that can be sustained and what it means to live a balanced life.

–Clive Hamilton, author, GROWTH FETISH.