Education, Mindfulness, and Degrowth

September 23, 2012 |

Dear friends and colleagues,

Over the last few weeks the Simplicity Institute has published a number of new reports, focusing primarily on education, mindfulness, and degrowth. We’ve even drawn the attention of Richard Heinberg, from the Post-Carbon Institute, who has offered the following endorsement:

The Simplicity Institute is an indispensable resource, providing rigorous and visionary statements on how to achieve a ‘prosperous way down’ as we approach energy descent and the end of growth.”

– Richard Heinberg 

Clive Hamilton has also offered the following words of praise:

The Simplicity Institute is a beacon of hope.”

– Clive Hamilton

Below we have listed our new Simplicity Institute Reports, which link to the full papers. We’re particularly excited about The Simplicity Exercises, by Mark A. Burch, and “Retrofitting the Suburbs,” by David Holmgren. (For a complete list of our publications, see here).

Retrofitting the Suburbs for the Energy Descent Future, David Holmgren 

Educating for Simple Living, Mark A. Burch

The Simplicity Exercises: A Sourcebook for Simplicity Educators, Mark A. Burch

Resilience through Simplification: Revisiting Tainter’s Theory of Collapse, Samuel Alexander

Degrowth, Expensive Oil, and the New Economics of Energy, Samuel Alexander

‘Education’ under Consumer-Capitalism, and The Simpler Way Alternative, Ted Trainer

Mindfulness: The Doorway to Simple Living, Mark A. Burch

Communicating Simplicity, Mark A. Burch

We’ve got several more reports already in the pipeline, so we’ll keep you posted, and we’re still accepting submission for the “Stories of Simplicity” book. If you are able to offer your story, please click here.

Warn regards,

Samuel Alexander and Simon Ussher

Directors of the Simplicity Institute